Factory & Lounge

At Vivonté we pride ourselves in both the product and the experience. Our factory located on the second floor of our Puerto Plata facility produces a selection of our finest cigars produced tobacco carefully selected by our Maestro de Tabacalero from the highest quality ingredients available. Special care is taken in every step of creating a Vivonté cigar. First we decide on the type of rich flavor we are seeking to achieve. Next we search the market for the right ingredients to accomplish that goal. We purchase only the finest number one, premium grade leaves. Our selected tobacco is then placed in our pre-production bale rotation to ensure it is acclimatized properly prior to being prepared for production. De-veining, Once the tobacco is ready it is carefully brought to the right temperature and humidity and rolled. Our rollers have from 15 to 43 years of experience rolling premium and ultra-premium cigars and take the time required to carefully roll each Vivonté cigar properly to meet our strict quality standards. Once your cigar leaves our rolling station it is checked for quality and if passed, batched for fumigation processing. One week after fumigation it enters our climate controlled aging room. Our aging room is lined with American aromatic cedar which means our cigars enjoy their stay in aging naturally free of parasites while continuing to absorb rich notes of cedar wood flavor. After a stay of between two months to two years (depending upon the cigar type and ingredients) a Vivonté cigar is finally ready to be packaged. Our cigar then nestled into cigar box made of the same cedar as the aging room from which they came. This ensures a smooth transition for the cigar and rewards you with a cigar of consistent taste and smooth, rich notes of flavor.

The Vivonté Cigar Lounge has quickly become Puerto Plata’s premier meeting place for cigar enthusiasts. Whether you’re a cigar smoker or just looking for good drinks and good times, Vivonté is the place to be. We pride ourselves on quality customer service in a relaxing and friendly environment. We continuously show sports, news and entertainment channels on two 55” Samsung smart LED tvs that provide shadow free, cristal clear pictures. Our sound system plays a variety of all kinds of music. We are open 7 days a week from 8:00am to 11:00pm and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner from a menu that includes local and international favorites. Whether you’re looking for a place to smoke your favorite cigar or just hang out with friends and/or business associates, Vivonté Cigar Lounge is a place that will make you feel at home and relaxed. Come and enjoy the Vivonté experience. Enjoy the finer things in life….enjoy Vivonté.